Quality and Accreditations

The quest for excellence

Quality is an integral part of Sundyne. Across all of the Sundyne international facilities, employees share a commitment to safety, quality and integrity. This design to constantly control, define, measure, analyze and improve is embedded within the fabric of the culture and executed through a proprietary continuous improvement program and quality assurance methodology. The programs are integral to the Sundyne performance model, allowing for increasing efficiency and waste reduction while simultaneously delivering optimal customer satisfaction. Sundyne fully integrates global quality programs that encompass ISO certified quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management systems. We also obtain international approvals such as ISO, ATEX, API, ASME/ANSI, NACE and more.

EH&S – World class designation

Sundyne is committed to providing a 100% safe work environment. Sundyne Arvada, Colorado USA is an OSHA VPP Star rated site.

ISO Accreditations and Quality Manuals

Sundyne, LLC-Arvada, Colorado-ISO 14001:2015

Expires 23 September 2020

Sundyne, LLC-Arvada, Colorado-ISO 9001:2015

Expires 31 July 2020

Bombas Ercole Marelli, S.R.L. – Ilescas, Spain-ISO 14001:2015

Expires 20 December 2021

Bombas Ercole Marelli, S.R.L. – Ilescas, Spain-ISO 9001:2015

Expires 20 November 2021

Bombas Ercole Marelli, S.R.L – Ilescas, Spain-OHSA 18001

Expires 03 November 2021

Sundstrand International SA, Dijon-Operateur Economique Agree Certificate

Effective 30 July 2009

Sundyne Quality Manual

Revision E

Sundyne Supplier Quality Manual

Revision C

Supplier Deviation Request

Form ISO 2903, Revision F