Sundyne HMP 7000 Overhung Impeller Integrally Geared Multi-Stage Pump

Heavy duty and extremely high pressure, the Sundyne API Style Integrally geared multi-stage pump

Sundyne integrally gear driven multi-stage pumps are utilized by process engineers to manufacture fertilizer, urea and PTA. These pumps are able to safely reach extremely high pressures and will run reliably for 5 years without an overhaul. Up to four overhung impeller pump stages are powered by a single gearbox and motor resulting in energy and space savings. Sundyne multi-stage pumps generally utilize only 25% of the space and require much less maintenance than between bearing pumps and generate extremely high pressures.

Unlike conventional multi-stage pumps, Sundyne computer tailored hydraulics place the B.E.P. (best efficiency point) at the rated point resulting in optimum efficiency.  An added benefit is reduced end-of-curve horsepower, allowing for smaller driver sizes resulting in energy savings.

  • Flows to 1,600 gpm (360 m³/hr)
  • Heads to 14,500 ft (4,420 m)
  • Suction Pressure 1,000 psi (71 kg/cm²)
  • Temperature Range -200 to 550°F (-130 to 288°C)


  • Fertilizer manufacturing
  • PTA – Purified Terephthalic Acid
  • Urea processing

Proven to be reliable, safe, compact and efficient, Sundyne HMP 7000 integrally geared overhung pumps with up to 4 stages provide a number of extremely high-pressure operational benefits:

  • Multiple stage overhung pump according to API design recommendations for integrally geared pumps
  • Maximized up time
  • Saves space-25% the size of competing multi-stage pumps
  • ATEX certified
  • Continuous operations for 5 years with no overhaul
  • Barske impeller low NPSH technology
  • Optimized pump engineering to meet the BEP – Best Efficiency Point to save energy through efficiency
  • Safely reaches extremely high-pressures quickly

US 60 Hz

  • Heads to                                                  14,500 ft
  • Flows to                                                   1,600 gpm
  • Standards                                                API OH Style
  • Number of Stages                                  1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Maximum Motor Power                           4,400 HP
  • Temperature Range                                -200 to 550°F
  • Maximum Case Working Pressure          6,000 psi
  • Maximum Suction Pressure                     1,000 psi
  • Speed Range                                           3,000 to 29,000 rpm
  • Maximum Viscosity                                  750 cp
  • Maximum Size of Entrained Solids          .016 inch
  • Mounting Configuration                           Horizontal
  • Seal Configurations                                 Single, Double, Tandem

Metric 50 Hz

  • Heads to                                                  4,420 m
  • Flows to                                                   360 m3/hr
  • Standards                                                ISO and API OH Style
  • Number of Stages                                   1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Maximum Motor Power                           3,280 kW
  • Temperature Range                                -130 to 288°C
  • Maximum Case Working Pressure         422 kg/cm2
  • Maximum Suction Pressure                     70 kg/cm²
  • Speed Range                                          12,500 to 25,000 rpm
  • Maximum Viscosity                                 750 cp
  • Maximum Size of Entrained Solids         400 microns
  • Mounting Configuration                           Horizontal
  • Seal Configurations                                 Single, Double, Tandem

About Sundyne

Sundyne sets the standard for centrifugal integrally geared pumps. Over the years, Sundyne has also acquired some of the industry’s leading brands. This combination has expanded the Sundyne product line, offering a wide range of fluid handling services and solutions.