Sundyne Appoints Peter Roth Director of PPI Products

Peter Roth, Sundyne

In this Role, Peter Roth will help to Grow Sundyne’s Hydrogen Business while Increasing Sundyne’s Value to Customers in the Renewable Energy, Chemical & Petrochemical, and Power Generation Markets  


Arvada, Colorado, March 24, 2022 – Sundyne, a global leader in the design and manufacture of mission critical pumps and compressors, today announced that Peter Roth has joined the company as Director of PPI Products.  In this role, Roth will help to grow Sundyne’s Hydrogen Business while increasing Sundyne’s value proposition to customers in the renewable energy, chemical & petrochemical, and power generation markets.

Peter Roth comes to Sundyne from Siemens Energy, Inc., where he previously served as North American Director of Field Operations.  Peter has extensive experience with small, medium and large scale turbo compressors, reciprocating compressors, steam turbines and gas turbines used for the renewable energy, oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical and power generation markets.

Prior to Siemens, Peter worked at Rolls Royce Energy Systems (which was acquired by Siemens) as Head of Customer Management for North & Central America.  He has also worked at MAN Turbo & Diesel, serving in multiple roles from President to Vice President, Sales Manager and Key Account Manager of Turbomachinery.  Peter has also worked at Sulzer Turbo Systems North America (acquired by MAN Turbo) in various roles.

“For decades, Hydrogen has been used around the globe to refine petroleum, treat metals, produce fertilizer and process foods – and today, we’re seeing a range of new applications for Hydrogen in power generation and mobility applications,” said Peter Roth.  “As market requirements continue to evolve, I believe that Sundyne’s compressors will play a key role – because they offer the right mix of technology, performance and value that customers require.”  

“We’re aggressively expanding Sundyne’s Hydrogen business and Peter Roth is the perfect person to lead our PPI division through this important phase of growth,” said Sundyne’s Arvada General Manager Mark Rauenzahn.  “We’re honored to bring Peter to Sundyne, and we’re looking forward to sharing his wealth of experience with our internal staff, and with our customers and channel partners around the globe.”  

Peter will be based out of Houston, TX.  Fluent in German, French & English, Peter will work closely with the Arvada-based PPI team, Sundyne’s Dijon staff, and Sundyne’s global channel partners that are actively involved in renewable energy, chemical, petrochemical and power generation applications.  Peter can be reached at

About Sundyne:

Headquartered in Arvada, Colorado with operations and presence in Europe, the Middle East, India, Asia, Japan and China, Sundyne is a global manufacturer of precision-engineered, highly reliable, safe and efficient centrifugal pumps and compressors for use in chemical, petrochemical, hydrocarbon, hydrogen, pharmaceutical, power generation and industrial applications.  Sundyne is the world leader in delivering low-flow, high-head integrally geared centrifugal pumps and compressors, safe and leakage-free sealless magnetic drive centrifugal pumps and diaphragm compressors.  Sundyne pumps and compressors are also available in API, ANSI/ASME, ISO, and other industry compliant designs.  To learn more about the Sundyne family of precision-engineered pumps and compressors, please visit


About Sundyne

Sundyne is the world leader in delivering low-flow, high-head, integrally geared centrifugal pumps and compressors, sealless magnetic drive pumps and diaphragm gas compressors. Sundyne’s precision-engineered, highly reliable, safe & efficient pumps and compressors are used in chemical, petrochemical, hydrocarbon, hydrogen, carbon capture, renewable fuels, power generation and industrial applications. Sundyne pumps and compressors are available in API, ANSI/ASME, ISO, and other industry compliant designs.