Sunflo B 3230 Blower

Sunflo Industrial Grade Blowers

The advanced aerodynamic and rotor dynamic design of the Sunflo Industrial Grade Blower makes it ideal for applications requiring oil free air.

Compact & Efficient

  • Radial vaned impellers are investment cast to assure precise contours and dynamically balanced for smooth operation.
  • Discharge may be positioned to horizontal right or vertically up position for installation ease.
  • Vaneless diffuser provides optimum curve shape and high efficiencies.
  • Rugged integral speed increasing gearbox with precision ground gearing assures smooth operation with high mechanical efficiency and low noise levels.
  • The pinion shaft assembly contains the bearings and seals, and is easily removed to facilitate servicing.
  • Splash lubrication system is completely self-contained and requires no external connections.
  • Generous clearances of 0.035″ (0.9mm) eliminate performance deterioration caused by wear and the need for mechanical adjustment.


  • Jet aircraft engine cooling
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • OEM applications

Proven to be reliable, cost effective and easy to maintain, Sunflo industrial grade blowers provide a number of benefits:

  • Compact and lightweight design is perfect for OEM applications
  • Oil free air delivery
  • Smooth, pulsation free air flow at varying demands
  • Simplified maintenance with the single stage centrifugal design
  • High discharge pressure from a simple single stage blower
  • May be used with positive pressure or vacuum systems

US 60 Hz

  • Flows to                                                   2,000 acfm
  • Maximum Motor Power                           75 HP
  • Temperature Range                                -20 to 275°F
  • Maximum Case Working Pressure          100 psig
  • Mounting Configurations               Close Coupled, Frame Mounted
  • Suction and Discharge Size.                      6″ / 4″ NPT
  • Minimum B10 Bearing Life             25,000 hours

Metric 50 Hz

  • Heads to                                                  2,000 acfm
  • Maximum Motor Power                           186 kW
  • Temperature Range                                -29 to 135°C
  • Maximum Case Working Pressure         7 kg/cm2
  • Mounting Configuration                           Close Coupled, Frame Mounted
  • Suction and Discharge Size.                     6″ / 4″ NPT
  • Minimum B10 Bearing Life          25,000 hours
  • Cast Aluminum

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