Sundyne Co-Sponsors the 2020 American LNG Forum in Houston, TX-Feb. 4-5, 2020

Sundyne Highlights its Value Proposition for EPCs & Plant Operators, And Showcases its Industry-Leading Pumps & Compressors for Gas Processing Applications

Arvada, Colorado, January 27, 2020 – Sundyne, a global leader in the design and manufacture of API compliant pumps and compressors, today announced that it is co-sponsoring the 2020 American LNG Forum, taking place February 4-5, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Kirby Drive in Houston, Texas.

Participants at the event represent a Who’s-Who for the major players in the LNG industry.  The event’s sessions discuss everything from; industry demand in the US, Europe and Asia; to challenges (such as the need to boost efficiency); to innovations in production technology.  The event also provides updates on the technical requirements and specifications for projects such as Alaska LNG, Corpus Christi, Driftwood LNG, Lake Charles LNG and more.

Sundyne is sponsoring the event to showcase how its pumps and compressors are used for a variety of gas processing applications, such as:

  • Amine gas treating – to remove hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from natural gas.
  • Molecular sieve dehydration – Sundyne’s integrally geared centrifugal compressors are used to remove water from gas streams.
  • Cryogenic processing applications – Sundyne’s compressors are used in applications that cool natural gas to -170°F(-112°C) in order to condense and remove NGLs such as butane, ethane and propane.
  • Fractionation Applications – once NGLs are separated, they are transported via Sundyne pumps and sold as separate products.

“Sundyne pumps and compressors have been deployed in the largest US-based LNG plants in Texas and Louisiana – as well as a number of LNG facilities around the globe.  All of the major EPCs and large LNG plant operators will be in attendance at the American LNG Forum next week, and we’re looking forward to speaking with many of them to learn more about their challenges and to discuss how Sundyne’s technology can address those challenges.”

Sundyne pumps and compressors are a preferred choice by operators and EPCs for a variety of reasons:

Sundyne sealless pumps are designed from the frame up to meet stringent API guidelines.   They eliminate unwanted emissions and protect plant personnel and the environment.  Sundyne’s modular design philosophy allows for streamlined preventative maintenance, which maximizes uptime and keeps the midstream chain operating seamlessly.

Sundyne integrally geared centrifugal compressors meet all API specifications and are designed to provide pulsation- and vibration-free operation for up to 5 years of continuous service with no emissions.  Sundyne compressors are ideal for skid packaging due to their unique modular baseplate, which is easy to install into any process environment.

Sundyne offers the fastest delivery times in the industry.  Every product shipped is supported with a full range of aftermarket services – which are provided by an extensive network of partners that deliver local support to gas plants anywhere around the globe.

To learn more, or to arrange a briefing at the American LNG Forum, contact Mike Dean at or visit: for more details.

About Sundyne:

Headquartered in Arvada, Colorado with operations and presence in Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan, China and throughout Asia, Sundyne is a leading manufacturer of precision-engineered highly reliable, safe, and efficient centrifugal pumps and compressors for use in hydrocarbon processing, chemical processing, power generation, industrial, and high-pressure water applications.  Sundyne is the world leader in delivering low-flow, high-head integrally geared centrifugal pumps and compressors as well as a leader in the supply of safe and leakage-free sealless magnetic drive centrifugal pumps and diaphragm compressors.  Sundyne pump and compressor designs are compliant with the industry’s most stringent API, ANSI/ASME, and ISO standards.  To learn more about the Sundyne family of precision-engineered pumps and compressors, please visit


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About Sundyne

Sundyne is the world leader in delivering low-flow, high-head, integrally geared centrifugal pumps and compressors, sealless magnetic drive pumps and diaphragm gas compressors. Sundyne’s precision-engineered, highly reliable, safe & efficient pumps and compressors are used in chemical, petrochemical, hydrocarbon, hydrogen, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Sundyne pumps and compressors are also available in API, ANSI/ASME, ISO, and other industry compliant designs.