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CEO Mark Sefcik Looks to the Future for the Global Leader in Mission-Critical Pumps and Compressors.

Arvada, Colorado, USA, January 13, 2021– is featuring an interview with Mark Sefcik, President and CEO of Sundyne in its January online issue.  The article recognizes Sundyne’s long history as a world-class pump and compressor manufacturer headquartered in Colorado with facilities located around the world.  The interview goes into additional detail about Sundyne and its pioneering lineup of products plus offers up Mark’s vision for the company addressing challenges, opportunities and immediate needs transitioning into what is a very bright future.  To read the complete article, click here.

About Sundyne:
Headquartered in Arvada, Colorado with operations and presence in Europe, the Middle East, India, Asia, Japan and China, Sundyne is a leading manufacturer of precision-engineered highly reliable, safe, and efficient centrifugal pumps and compressors for use in hydrocarbon processing, chemical processing, power generation, industrial, and high-pressure water applications.  Sundyne is the world leader in delivering low-flow, high-head integrally geared centrifugal pumps and compressors as well as a leader in the supply of safe and leakage-free sealless magnetic drive centrifugal pumps and diaphragm compressors.  Sundyne pump and compressor designs are compliant with the industry’s most stringent API, ANSI/ASME, and ISO standards.  To learn more about the Sundyne family of precision-engineered pumps and compressors, please visit

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About Sundyne

Sundyne is the world leader in delivering low-flow, high-head, integrally geared centrifugal pumps and compressors, sealless magnetic drive pumps and diaphragm gas compressors. Sundyne’s precision-engineered, highly reliable, safe & efficient pumps and compressors are used in chemical, petrochemical, hydrocarbon, hydrogen, carbon capture, renewable fuels, power generation and industrial applications. Sundyne pumps and compressors are available in API, ANSI/ASME, ISO, and other industry compliant designs.