Brine Injection

Integrally geared pumps for brine injection

Brine Injection

Most of the water and additives used in hydraulic fracturing remain deep underground in the geologic formation from which the oil or gas is being extracted. Some of the fluid, mixed with water or brine returns through the well to the surface and is referred to as produced water. After drilling operators bring a well on-line, large volumes of produced water is generated. Operators utilize Sunflo industrial grade pumps to inject produced water into deep wells.Brin

Sunflo P3400 Industrial Grade Pump

Sunflo Industrial Grade Pumps

Fractionalization operators take advantage of the simple to maintain and operate Sunflo pumps for brine injection in the well head. The pump shaft can be changed in less than one hour by a single maintenance person. The pumps are very reliable and will generate up to 4,800 ft (1,280 m) for deep well injection.

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