Liquified Natural Gas

Reliable, versatile and compact compressors for liquified natural gas

Liquified Natural Gas Compressors

LNG is natural gas cooled to the point where it condenses into a liquid (at approximately minus–161°C).  Liquefaction of natural gas reduces the volume more than 600 times – making it economical to transport between continents in specially designed ocean vessels.  LNG technology brings natural gas to places where pipelines are not feasible.  Sundyne compressors are used in multiple LNG processing applications (to remove water, and to generate the high pressures needed) for the liquefaction process.

Sundyne Liquified Natural Gas Compressors

Single- and multi-stage centrifugal designs meet API 617 standards for handling offshore injection, and for numerous applications, including: scrubbing, process gas, dehydration, regeneration, flare, vent and fuel gas and for H2S removal.  Each model is custom built to provide pulsa­tion- and vibration-free operation, and to deliver oil-free process gas with zero emissions. NACE compliant Sundyne compressors do not rust or corrode.  Each unit is engineered in accordance with industry standards, and is designed to run continuously for 5 to 7 years without the need for costly maintenance or over-hauls.

About Sundyne

Sundyne sets the standard for centrifugal integrally geared pumps. Over the years, Sundyne has also acquired some of the industry’s leading brands. This combination has expanded the Sundyne product line, offering a wide range of fluid handling services and solutions.