PTA-Purified Terephthalic Acid

High pressure pumps and compressors for producing chlor alkalis

PTA – Purified Terephthalic Acid

Used principally as a precursor to manufacture polyester, used to make clothing and plastic bottles. The catalytic liquid phase oxidation of paraxylene in acetic acid, in the presence of air is how PTA is produced in a modern plant.

Sundyne HMP-7000 Multi-Stage Pump

Sundyne Multi-Stage Integrally Geared Pumps

Sundyne API 610 heavy duty integrally geared driven pumps are engineered for critical extremely high-head services required for processing fertilizer, PTA and urea. Sundyne’s unique integrally gear driven pump design offers the ability to optimize efficiency, curve shape, NPSH, runout horsepower and radial loading to provide economical, reliable operation through various combinations of impeller, diffuser, and inducer geometry.

About Sundyne

Sundyne sets the standard for centrifugal integrally geared pumps. Over the years, Sundyne has also acquired some of the industry’s leading brands. This combination has expanded the Sundyne product line, offering a wide range of fluid handling services and solutions.