Keep your gearbox interior moisture and corrosion-free – maximize your MTBR!



  • Designed specifically for the Sundyne gearbox assembly 
  • Moisture-absorbing silica gel media 
  • Particulate filtering polyester elements
  • Orange media indicates a brand new breather, white media is time for a replacement
  • Check valves on breather control air exchange (i.e..pressure and temperature change)
  • Two sizes are available (dry climates or humid)


The gearbox is the heart of your Sundyne integrally geared pump or compressor. Keep a stock of Sundyne desiccant breathers on hand – protect your gearboxes from harmful corrosion and rust.


Our replacement parts and service assistance programs offer something not available through replicators and imitators – peace of mind. When you see the Sundyne logo, you can be sure that you are using a Genuine Sundyne Part, manufactured by a company committed to quality and value.


With our global network of Authorized Service Centers and manufacturing facilities, we are where you are. Sundyne can provide you with critical spare parts and service fast, ensuring reliable and trouble-free operation from your Sundyne pump or compressor.

To learn more about the NEW Sundyne desiccant breather and our broad inventory of parts, contact the Authorized Service Center nearest you or call us at 1-866-SUNDYNE.






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