Introducing the new Sundyne Reliability Assurance Kit, all of the parts you need to keep your Sundyne Pump and Compressor running smoothly while minimizing maintenance downtime.


At Sundyne, we know that the path to keeping your refinery or chemical processing plant running smoothly rests on regular maintenance of your pumps and compressors using new Sundyne Genuine Spare Parts for your gearbox and wet end. Our Reliability Assurance Kits provide both in an easy to order, customized package that is matched to your Sundyne pump or compressor’s unique serial number. Packaged in an all-in-one carrying case that conveniently fits in your inventory under a single part number, Sundyne Reliability Assurance Kits are designed to ensure that you have the exact parts you need when you need them. There is no more cost effective way to keep your Sundyne pump or compressor operating at peak efficiency while maintaining your warranty. Now you can realize reliability AND cost savings in your process with Sundyne innovation.


The new Sundyne Reliability Assurance Kit will help you manage inventory...

  •  All of the Sundyne Genuine Parts are under one serial number versus having to track dozens of numbers in your ERP system.
  •  All parts are contained in a single heavy duty package, that can be easily purchased, stored and accessed by your maintenance team.
  •  Restock used parts easily with a kit refill.
  •  Reliability Assurance Kits are sealed to reduce – or even eliminate – contamination and corrosion.
  •  Reliability Assurance Kits provide Sundyne Genuine Parts at your disposal, ready for maintenance or emergency repairs -- delivering your team peace of mind.


Reliability Assurance Kits come in different sizes according to your Sundyne Genuine Parts needs.



Highly reliable, AND cost saving Sundyne innovation.