Central Cleaning

All plants have cleaning requirements, none more stringent than those found in the food processing industry. To get the job done effectively and efficiently, many facilities utilize a central, high-pressure cleaning system. These systems allow for multiple operators to clean faster, conserve water and use less chemicals. The corrosion-resistant, high-head, single-stage Sunflo, with its small footprint and easy-to-maintain features, offers an excellent fit for pumping the hot water, soapy water, and caustic cleaning solutions used in these high-pressure washdown services.

Central Cleaning Pumps

  • P-1500


    An industrial grade high-pressure pump with Flows to 33 gpm (7.5 m³/hr) and Heads to 1,300 ft (396 m ...

    P 1500 Industrial Grade Pump
  • P-2500


    An industrial grade, high-pressure pump for general service. Flows to 180gpm (41m³/hr) and Heads to ...

    P 2500 Industrial Grade Pump
  • P-3000


    The P-3000 is an industrial grade pump for general service with Flows to 500gpm (114m³/hr) and Heads ...

    P 3000 Industrial Grade Pump
  • PDH-LH


    The PDH-LH is a heavy-duty API-610 11th Edition BB1 axially split case pump. Flows to 27,298gpm (6,2 ...

    LH BB1 Axial Split Case Pump
  • FGB


    The FGB API-610 11th Edition VS1, ISO-13709 is a vertical can multi-stage submersible pump. Flows to ...

    FGB VS1 Vertical Can Pump