The most common use of nitrogen is in the production of ammonia (NH3). Thanks to a method known as the Haber Process, large amounts of nitrogen are combined with hydrogen to produce ammonia. This ammonia is then utilized to manufacture fertilizers, explosives and - via the Ostwald Process - nitric acid (HNO3).

Nitrogen gas is largely inert and is often used as a protective shield in the semiconductor industry, as well as in certain types of welding and soldering operations. Oil companies use high pressure nitrogen to help force crude oil to the surface. Liquid nitrogen also represents an inexpensive cryogenic liquid used in low temperature scientific experimentation, refrigeration and the preservation of biological samples.

However, nitrogen can be hazardous to handle, often requiring extreme pressures and temperatures. Sundyne compressors deliver the rugged reliability and efficient performance required to effectively handle nitrogen-focused processes.

Nitrogen Compressors

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