Clean Fuels

Sundyne compressors are a cost-effective option for various applications in the manufacture of clean fuels. Among these processes is hydrodesulfurization, a method for removing sulfur in order to improve the quality of gasoline and diesel fuels.

In order to achieve this, feed liquids are vaporized in the presence of hydrogen and the resulting mixture is passed through a bed of catalyst pellets where chemical reactions occur. These reactions include the conversion of organic sulfur to hydrogen sulfide. The reactor effluent is then cooled, and then condensed hydrocarbons are separated from the hydrogen-rich gas. This hydrogen steam is then compressed and recycled to the reactor.

Sundyne high pressure compressors provide an excellent solution for clean fuel processing, delivering excellent performance in nitrogen regeneration and pairing well with oxidizer air blowers; both common step in clean fuel manufacturing workflows.

Compressors for Clean Fuel Applications

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