United Kingdom No Seals Required for Petrochem Refinery

Jun. 30, 2017
United Kingdom

A recent issue of Fluid Handing International magazine featured a case study from Sundyne HMD Kontro regarding a downstream petrochemical refinery that chose magnetic drive sealless pumps for the many benefits they bring to the refining process.

As part of the continual upgrade process and to ensure the highest levels of health and safety, the refining and petrochemical company, located in the Far East, wanted to upgrade several pump installations to meet current American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.

The existing single mechanical seal pumps, operating on downstream hydrocarbon processes, were reviewed for suitability against a double mechanical seal upgrade or an entire sealless pump replacement.  The sealless alternative was subsequently selected and installed and has been in place for nearly two years with positive results and feedback.

The case study article, written by David Clark, General Manager at HMD Kontro, examines the pump options open to the refinery and the reasons behind its final decision to select a GSPV vertical inline sealless pump package, including ZeroLoss containment shells and VapourView condition monitoring instrumentation.

Please download to read the full article here.