United Kingdom SEVENTY years of sealless magnetic drive pump technology!

Jun. 30, 2017
United Kingdom

A recent press article highlighted how Sundyne HMD Kontro is preparing to celebrate 70 years since pioneering the very first sealless pump.  The special BPMA 75th Anniversary Feature in an edition of World Pumps magazine included an article from Sundyne HMD Kontro which described the development of sealless magnetic drive pumps.

The article also explored how this innovative magnetic drive pump technology is now being widened to include applications for which it was never thought possible.  In particular, we showed how the recent introduction of a series of key feature updates, such as ZeroLoss™ containment shells and VapourView® gas detection, have made sealless pumps more reliable, safe and efficient than ever before, making them the preferred option for moving hazardous and potentially harmful liquids as well as many other applications.

Please download the full article here.