Production Preparation Process (3P)

The Production Preparation Process (3P) tool simulates the actual components, product and production line of a new product throughout its design and development cycle. Early in the design, at the time of concept generation and selection, a cross-functional team of design, manufacturing, quality and process engineers, suppliers, and operations experts apply lean principles and non-negotiable productivity rules to product, process and tooling mockups made from cardboard, styrofoam and/or wood. In the later stages of design and development, the 3P simulation events incorporate development hardware and software and, finally, production versions. The practice of 3P simulation events can also be applied to non-product applications, for example, to the development of a new or upgraded service or information infrastructure. In these cases the simulation media may be different (e.g., concept of operation scripts, live storyboards, role playing, process models, and pilots), but the intent -- to learn as much as possible about the implementation environment before committing to it -- is the same.


Sundyne performed a 3P event in November 2008. The process was developed to design and implement the asssembly line for Sundyne HMP-3000 and HMP-5000 multistage integrally geared high pressure process pumps. As a result of the 3P event Sundyne changed the assembly process from design through build to final delivery. Design through delivery time was significantly reduced.

Sundyne 3P Event for HMP manufacturing line, Arvada, Colorado USA

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