Environmental Health and Safety

Sundyne Arvada, Colorado USA

Sundyne is committed to providing a 100% safe work environment. Sundyne Arvada, Colorado USA is an OSHA VPP Star rated site.


Environmental Health and Safety Policy

All persons working on or behalf of Sundyne are committed to conducting its activities in a manner that assures our products are safe, protects the health and safety of all persons, our neighbors and the natural environment, and that protects our products from damage. We will PREVENT Pollution, Injuries, Accidents and Illness. We will COMPLY with all applicable laws, regulations and other requirements. We will not hesitate to go beyond legal or other requirements if, in our prudent judgment, a higher level of performance is in order. We will CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) performance through our EH&S Management Systems, Management Commitment, and Employee Participation.   Maintaining a VPP Star site and ISO 14001 will provide formal recognition that our EH&S management system is superior in effectiveness, that we comply with regulation and, very importantly, that there is broad employee involvement taking personal responsibility for our EH&S performance and development.

The basic principles of our philosophy to implement this commitment include the following:

  • All levels of management and persons at Sundyne are responsible for the implementation of the EH&S program.
  • Management will set EH&S objectives and targets and review during Steering Committee.
  • Management will encourage open communication with all persons at Sundyne through daily huddles and toolbox talks.
  • All persons will be trained in, and are expected to follow, established safety practices, and contribute to the enhancement of these practices.
  • All persons are expected to communicate all known hazards and incidents.
  • All persons have the authority to halt any process if they believe that continued operation could result in an incident.
  • All hazards can be eliminated or adequately safeguarded to prevent incidents.
  • Superior safety and environmental performance is crucial for business growth and to improve overall product and process quality.
  • Activities will be conducted in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, procedures and standards.
  • Acting in accordance with these applicable laws, regulations, procedures and standards is a condition of employment.
  • Protecting our customers, contractors, the public, our fellow employees, our products, and the environment can be achieved.

Through timely planning and execution of this policy, we will meet our quality, cost and schedule commitments in a safe and sustainable manner, which in turn, will lead to excellence in customer satisfaction.

This policy will be made available to the public upon request.

 Date Reviewed with EHS Oversight Committee
 Date Reviewed with Grasssroots Teams
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EH&S Links

Personal Protective Equipment required in each ob or process as determined by an assessment of hazards on the job, past accidents, air sampling, chemical information and noise levels.
Fire and Medical Emergencies information for how to respond while at a Sundyne facility.
Search Material Safety Data sheets for chemical products brought into Sundyne. Environmental training for acting responsible to prevent the release of chemicals into the air or water. Training includes labeling of containers and Material Safety Data Sheet information.  The manufacturer attaches a label to each container, which must be maintained in readable condition. The labels contain information about the product's name, manufacturer and appropriate health warnings. More complete information can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet.