Our goal is to have the best educated workforce on the planet

Sundyne encourages employees to create an environment that fosters and supports professional excellence and recognition for outstanding performance. Sundyne is committed to rewarding and recognizing outstanding performance and feels strongly that an employee's pay should directly reflect his or her performance, contribution and value to the company.


Employee Development

Employee development is important to the success of the individual as well as to Sundyne. Through our performance-feedback process, employees are able to create an Individual Development Plan to help them focus their efforts on areas that need the most development so they can improve and enhance their performance. The plan includes goal statements describing what skill, knowledge or experience will be developed, the rationale for why it's important to develop these areas and a list of activities that will be done to achieve the goals.

While completing and implementing a Career Development Plan can never guarantee success or promotion, increased skills and expertise will improve marketability, both inside and outside of Sundyne. The performance feedback process provides the structure and resources for assessing current skills, understanding the company's skill needs, establishing individual goals, and developing an action plan to meet goals and improve abilities.



Sundyne offers employees competitive salaries based on skills, experience, performance and compensation awarded in the market for each particular job. Our compensation programs are designed to attract and retain the best people.


Performance Feedback

Thoughtful planning, assessment and feedback about performance are critical to individual success and to the success of our Company. Our performance-feedback process helps managers focus employee effort on areas that contribute to Sundyne's overall success and provides for ample feedback to employees about their performance, strengths, and development needs. The performance feedback process includes:


Performance plan objectives established jointly by an employee and supervisor

Regular performance coaching


Creation of an individual development plan (IDP)


Supervisor and employee assessment of performance against the performance plan


Supervisor and employee assessment of Sundyne competencies


Assessment of progress towards IDP goals


Development and career planning discussion


Overall performance rating


Formal, annual performance review discussion An employee's overall performance assessment is a valuable input to employee pay decisions and to development and career planning decisions. 

Career Management

We know that your career development is important to you and it is also important to us. To remain competitive within the industry and to promote individual marketability, the changing environment demands the development of skills and talents. As a result, we place great emphasis on individual career development. 


The Employee Scholar Program

The Employee Scholar Program encourages eligible employees to develop additional skills and engage in lifelong learning at regionally accredited public or private colleges and universities. The Program covers all tuition and academic fees for those who achieve the required grades.
In addition, associates are entitled to paid time off for half their classroom hours per week up to a maximum of 3 hours per week.